Monday, 31 January 2011

How to sign your app with keytool

When your app is ready for Market you have to sign it using keytool.exe. It means that your app will carry a secret code which is supposed to certify that you're the original creator of the app. So, let's suppose you have finished developing your app. Now what?

  1. Find the location of keytool.exe on your harddrive. Keytool is part of your java installation. I installed java on my C: drive. So using a cmd prompt on windose I change the folder to this:

  2. Next up we're going to create a keystore. I guess this must be a kind of store with keys for your app ;o) Here I create my own keystore using my company name, 'bengaard'. Change that to a name you like, follow the steps and you'll create the keystore:

  3. When you export you app from Eclipse,

  4. you'll then get a chance to write the password you provided when you created the keystore:

  5. And that's pretty much it! You can now upload you app to Market.

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