Sunday, 30 January 2011

From App Inventor to Android sdk

Oh wow, did I have a great time exploring Google's App Inventor. That's simply an amazing tool for the noobish programmer. As simple and intuitive as it is it still makes you do some pretty nasty stuff. Like the best programming languages I had a feeling that the only real boundary is yourself. And all those years playing with lego finally paid off :o) After publishing my first app created with AI to the market (it's not there anymore, sorry) I kind of realized I had to move on. The #1 reason was speed. AI is simply too slow running on the phone. My app would take seconds to fetch JSON-encoded data off a web page. The Android sdk lets me use threads to get the data with virtually no delay. The #2 reason was bling. The sdk along with java simply lets you do much more sophisticated stuff that AI never will be able to. Anyway, maybe the best part about AI was that because of it's nature you don't spend time on debugging code. Nice!

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